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My intention is to help you, not to drown you with advertisements. Whether or not you decide to use our other services is up to you. 

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My goals are to give you more tools in your toolbox for success, and change the way you think about your health.

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Who has time to read length articles anymore? Here we will keep it light, both in attitude and in length.

If you need help getting on track or staying on track, this is for you!

Real results are simple to attain. But that doesn't mean that they come easily.


Whatever your goal is, my job here is to support you. "Get it Together!" is a completely free weekly email article in which we'll cover a wide range of topics. From fitness and nutrition tips to habit forming and more conceptual topics, I'll help guide you towards better health decisions one week at a time. If it has to do with you becoming a better, healthier version of yourself, then we will discuss it here.

There are two main goals of these articles:

1) To give you highly practical information that you can actually implement to work towards better health. While some topics may be more philosophical, at the end of the day you will learn new skills and strategies to use to better yourself.

2) To remind you on a weekly basis to stop talking about it and start doing it. We all need a reminder sometimes to stay on track and I'm happy to take the role of your partner in lighting the fire under you a bit. 

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