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Online Personal Training Program

Get the benefit of an individualized exercise prescription while training when and where you want! With our remote training program, you get a custom plan sent to you every week to complete on your own time, in your preferred training environment. Here's what to expect:

  • Customized plans to meet your equipment availability, time restraints, and training goals.

  • User-friendly app experience loaded with tons of features for data monitoring

  • Weekly program and nutrition review with your personal trainer


Why hire an online personal trainer?

Online personal training offers many of the same benefits that you would expect from a live personal training experience. You receive an individual exercise Rx, technique guidance (through video), accountability (yes, we see if you work out or not!) and relevant feedback about your progress. Combined with increased affordability, this has made online personal training very popular in recent years. In fact, we serve about 25% of our clientele exclusively online!

There are many reasons to hire an online personal trainer, but we've found that most people join our remote team for one these main 4 reasons.

Flexible Scheduling.

Workouts are posted only on the days you have marked availability, and you can complete them at any point that day. Perfect for the time poor professional who needs to adjust their workout times daily!


At $199/mo after a 2-week free trial, our remote program is our most affordable training option. With many of the same benefits as traditional training, this offers a lot of "bang for your buck"!

Prior Experience.

If you want to take your training to the next level by working with a personal trainer, but don't think you need full supervision, online personal training is the way to go.

Prefer training alone.

Not everybody likes training with somebody else. Some people need the help of a trainer but don't have a personality suited to working in person with a coach. Online training is a great option for introverted gym goers.

ASF Online Success Stories!
Read what our online personal training clients have to say about us.


Edward C.
Endurance Training

"ASF has helped me build strength to ward off runner’s knee soreness that has plagued me for years. Kyle is a great listener and tailors exercises precisely to my needs and ability. I’m looking forward to a strong endurance racing season!"


Jill V.
Weight Loss

I absolutely could not have achieved my weight loss and strength goals without Kyle's guidance. I never felt intimidated and he was a huge support over those 12 weeks. I absolutely 100% recommend working with Kyle if you can!" 


Michele M.
Health Fitness

"I’ve been working with Kyle for almost 3 years now. I have found great success with the online program - it is challenging and has a nice variety of routines that Kyle personally selects for me. I love it!!

Want to hear what more of our clients have to say?

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