Private Personal Training

We offer the most client-friendly personal training model in South Jersey. With discounted monthly training subscriptions or traditional "deduct as you go" training packages, there's sure to be an option that meets your needs. Additionally, clients can expect the following benefits:


  •  Alternate between 30 and 60 min sessions as needed. 

  • No long-term contracts. Subscriptions are always month-to-month

  • Conveniently book and cancel your own appointments through our app (within 24 hrs each way)

  • Complementary nutrition monitoring and guidance through our app 

Results. Made. Simple​.

With years of experience training all different types of people, success stories have become the norm at Anderson Sport & Fitness. Regardless of your health or fitness history, your goal, or why you are starting this process - you will feel welcomed and motivated here.


We pride ourselves on creating welcoming, professional environment for our clients while still pushing them hard to succeed. There is no one size fits all protocol for getting the most out of people. We understand this and make sure that each client is given not only the type of program they need but also the type of coaching they need. 


Weight Loss

 Lose fat. Build muscle. Get stronger.

Feel better!


Strength & Power

 Sports performance training, powerlifting, & training just for fun!


Endurance Training

 Distance running, triathlon, cycling, OCR

Race prep & strength training protocols

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Health Fitness 

Fitness for general health, managing diseases, return from injury, and improving overall quality of life.


Personal Training Success Stories


Hear what our private personal training clients have to say about us.


Andrew M.
Sports Performance

 "My experience working with Kyle Anderson has been nothing but great. Kyle really knows the science behind sports performance and training. He set me up with a program that is perfect for me and the results can attest to Kyle’s great work. I recommend that anybody looking to actually accomplish something work with Kyle."

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Rose W.
Health Fitness

"I needed to be motivated and find someone who would be patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. I found all of this with my personal trainer, Kyle. I'm getting stronger and back in my clothes that used to fit!"


Lisa C.
Endurance Training

"Anderson Sport and Fitness has been a wonderful addition to my workout routine. I have not only gotten rid of my injury issues, but I’ve become a stronger, faster all-around athlete.

Want to hear what more of our clients have to say?