Stop Blaming 'Motivation'. A Guide To Making Your Health Resolution Finally Stick.

Key Points:

  1. Motivation is fleeting - don't rely on it for change. If you do, you won't last.

  2. Prepare ahead of time for inevitable obstacles - talk to your family and have a plan!

  3. Commit to doing, not to trying. Commitment doesn't mean "until you don't feel like it anymore".

Now more than ever, it is a time for re-evaluating health, fitness, and for getting back into shape. No matter what your hot take on COVID-19 is, it has highlighted one thing for sure - being out of shape and unhealthy puts you in harm's way. It doesn't matter if it's being high-risk for COVID, a heart attack, or any number of common ailments or diseases. If you are overweight and unhealthy, you are knowingly stacking the deck against yourself. It's no surprise then that this year like all others will see a large number of New Year's Resolutioners at the gym or working out at home.

I see it year after year - a batch of new faces at the local gyms all eager and motivated to change. They are all so SURE that this time they are motivated enough to make it stick. For the most part, they are dead wrong. By mid-February the gyms will again return to equilibrium, largely with the same faces that were there last year save a few new ones who made it work. So what happens in such a short time that causes such a large group of people - who were so excited, so motivated, so eager to change - to fail so quickly in their mission?

The easy (and incorrect) answer is lack of motivation. People get too excited too quickly, bite off more than they can chew, and fizzle out almost immediately. While these things are true, this isn't the reason people fail. The problem has never been motivation. In fact, motivation alone is a pretty terrible thing to rely on to get things done. Think about it - if you needed to be motivated to do every task on your to-do list, NOTHING would get done. You'd barely go to work, your room would be a mess, the kitchen sink filled with dishes. You don't do these things because you want to or are motivated to do them. They are a necessity. You must do these things to live your best life.

Everybody loses motivation to exercise. Everybody. Some of the most consistent and successful clients I have ever worked with do not love working out, nor do they feel deep motivation to exercise. It is a part of their well-being and something that must be done to live their ideal life. This leads to the real reason people fail in their resolutions...

Lack of Preparation and Lack of Commitment to Action