Reality Check: When You Aren't Losing Weight, Despite Doing "Everything Right".

"Losing weight is like a game of dominos. It doesn't matter how hard you flick the pieces if they aren't set up correctly. Train as hard as you want but it won't make a lick of the difference if the fundamentals are off. "

You've made the decision to start losing weight. Congrats! That is a great decision that will reap you many benefits. So naturally, you made some changes to your daily habits and routines to facilitate the process. You may even have done so homework on how to lose weight most effectively. A month goes by, you step on the scale and.....nothing. Haven't lost a pound. You're furious for wasting your time and chalk it up to "bad genetics". You did EVERYTHING RIGHT and still didn't lose weight. But you're forgetting something...

Occam's razor. It's the problem-solving principle that the simplest answer to a problem is usually correct. You likely are not doing everything right despite thinking that you are. Now, you likely will get a bit defensive at that and I totally understand. It's human nature to want to think we are correct and are doing well at a task. I would urge you to please, let go of your ego for a moment and look at your situation objectively. I have helped many people lose weight over the years, many of whom started working with me when they did "everything right" and still didn't lose weight. The vast majority of the time these clients did not have a physiological disorder or other rare factors preventing them from losing weight - they just weren't doing as thorough of a job as they thought. Take a look at these lists and see if anything sounds familiar to you:

Here's What You Should Not to Focus On

These items have a very low return on investment when it comes to your mental bandwidth. In the context of weight loss they will confuse you more than help you.

-Your carbohydrate or fat intake (both of these nutrients are fine to eat)

-Meal timing (it doesn't matter as much as you'd think for weight loss)

-How your neighbor/friend/wife lost a bunch of weight on the "whogivesahoot" diet (that's them, this is you, and they are making it sound easier than it was)

-Which protein shake/vitamin is best for weight loss (there is no "best" one and these aren't strictly necessary anyway)

Here's What You SHOULD Focus On

These items are the simple, time-tested, research-backed, proven ways to lose weight with the most efficiency over the long term.

1. Tracking your calories, as completely and accurately as possible. You CANNOT lose weight without expending more calories than you consume. How do you know how much you consume if you aren't keeping track? By the way, your "eyeballing it" method is not accurate and nobody is good at it.