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The Evidence-Based Difference

Evidence-based personal training is the practice of teaching only what is proven or heavily indicated in the scientific literature of the field.  This is clearly and unquestionably our duty as professionals to adhere to best practices, but sadly it is not the norm for personal trainers.


Our mission at Anderson Sport & Fitness is to provide our personal training clients with outstanding results through evidence-based techniques that have been proven to promote quality training outcomes. In the process, we strive to educate and empower our clients to live sustainable lifestyles that find the balance between fitness, nutrition, and having fun!

Remote Training Programs

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Access our elite personal training right from your phone or computer.  You choose when and where to train, we do the rest.

Personal Training sessions

South Jersey's best personal training experience. Perfect for those who want supervised training in a motivating environment. 

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meal plans & Nutrition Coaching 

Take the guesswork out of your nutrition with our fully customized meal plans and nutrition coaching service. Our plans are fully loaded with specific meals, nutrient breakdowns, shopping lists, and the ability to swap foods at your discretion.

You won't find a better bang-for your buck nutrition program.

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