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For serious endurance athletes, strength training is no longer an "optional" activity. To truly perform at your best, a structured and individualized strength program is a must. Power & strength training is a critical component of mitigating injury and improving performance without adding more volume to your endurance work.


At ASF, we specialize in providing running and triathlon coaching that integrates strength and conditioning into your endurance training. We apply evidence-based techniques to your specific background and goals to make sure that we supply a program that will provide serious improvements without interfering with your endurance training sessions.

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Lisa, Runner/Triathlete

"Anderson Sport and Fitness has been a wonderful addition to my workout routine. I have been doing triathlons and running races for over 10 years. Continuously over the years I would have pain and/or discomfort while training and racing. By adding in 3 days a week specific strength training, I have not only gotten rid of my issues, but I’ve become a stronger, faster all around athlete."


Ed, Cyclist/Triathlete

"ASF has helped me build strength to ward off runner’s knee soreness that has plagued me for years. Kyle is a great listener and tailors exercises precisely to my needs and ability. He keeps the exercises simple but effective with a very progressive ramp up. I’m looking forward to a strong endurance racing season!"


Andrew, Runner

"If you’re looking for a coach to help you train for an endurance event, Kyle is the man for that. His programming is very thorough and he provides great feedback. Kyle’s program took me from averaging 9:20+/mile to 8:50-9:00/mile. On top of that speed I’ve seen a increase in my overall endurance and I’ve hit several PR’s in training."


Sara, Triathlon/Running

"I've been a client for both triathlon and running training over the years, and my program is always tailored to my needs and progress. Kyle keeps up with the latest scientific research and applies it successfully with his clients. He works well around injuries, aches, and pains. I wouldn't be where I am athletically without Anderson Sport and Fitness!"


Deb, Swimmer/Triathlete

"In 2019, getting ready to train for USAT Nationals, I finally decided to give it a go and make it a scheduled weekly workout with Kyle. After several weeks I noticed that I felt stronger and more balanced. In training, I felt I had more power when pushing off on the run. Gradually my run times improved a bit. I felt I had more power in my cycling pedal stroke & I was definitely more balanced & had more control on the bike. Several months into my strength training, my swim times started to improve most like due to a stronger upper body & core. I always looked forward to my sessions with Kyle. He provided a lot of versatility in my program and pushed me to challenge my self."

running up staris

Russ, Triathlete

"Not your average fitness coaching. Kyle Anderson's approach will surprise you and take you to the next level where other trainers might have failed you before."