Trainning with Kettlebells

"Not your average fitness coaching. Kyle Anderson's approach will surprise you and take you to the next level where other trainers might have failed you before."

-Russ A.

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"I needed to be motivated and find someone who would be patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. I found all of this with my personal trainer, Kyle. I'm getting stronger and back in my clothes that used to fit!"



 "My experience working with Kyle Anderson has been nothing but great. Kyle really knows the science behind sports performance and training. He set me up with a program that is perfect for me and the results can attest to Kyle’s great work. I recommend that anybody looking to actually accomplish something work with Kyle."



"By week 11 I had lost 11 pounds, reaching my weight loss goal a full month before my wedding and right before my final dress fitting! 

I absolutely could not have achieved my weight loss and strength goals without Kyle's guidance. I never felt intimidated and he was a huge support over those 12 weeks. I absolutely 100% recommend working with Kyle if you can!" 



"If you’re looking for a coach to help you train for an endurance event, Kyle is the man for that. His programming is very thorough and he provides great feedback. Kyle’s program took me from averaging 9:20+/mile to 8:50-9:00/mile. On top of that speed I’ve seen a increase in my overall endurance and I’ve hit several PR’s in training."



"Anderson Sport and Fitness has been a wonderful addition to my workout routine. By adding in 3 days a week specific strength training, I have not only gotten rid of my injury issues, but I’ve become a stronger, faster all-around athlete.

 If you are looking to for someone for personal strength training please check out Anderson Sport and Fitness! You WON’T be sorry you did!"



"ASF has helped me build strength to ward off runner’s knee soreness that has plagued me for years. Kyle is a great listener and tailors exercises precisely to my needs and ability. He keeps the exercises simple but effective with a very progressive ramp up. I’m looking forward to a strong endurance racing season!"



"I’ve been working with Kyle for almost 3 years now. I have found great success with the online program - it is challenging and has a nice variety of routines that Kyle personally selects for me weekly. I love it!!



"I've been a client for both triathlon and running training over the years, and my program is always tailored to my needs and progress. Kyle keeps up with the latest scientific research and applies it successfully with his clients. He works well around injuries, aches, and pains. I wouldn't be where I am athletically without Anderson Sport and Fitness!"



My teenage son started working with Kyle to build strength after a serious back injury in order to return to his sport. Not only did Kyle help him rebuild his strength, he guided him in creating sustainable healthy habits. Kyle taught him the importance of balanced training and nutrition and opened his eyes to their benefits. My son’s body and mind have changed significantly for the better since he began working with Kyle.  High school sports will come and go, but the lessons and habits he’s gained by working with Kyle will benefit him for the rest of his life. 


"Kyle has made me something I wouldn’t have dreamed of 4 months ago. He is intelligent, experienced, well disciplined, and he has made me a much healthier person. I owe so much to Kyle and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their health through exercise.”


"Mr. Anderson is the epitome of professionalism. He is extremely knowledgeable, always making my sessions very successful. He inspires me to try more and more and always praises me when I accomplish a goal."


"Excellent service and great results. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to either start or further their fitness goals"


"Anderson Sport and Fitness has been a game changer for me. With Kyle's guidance and support I'm accomplishing things I never thought possible. Kyle provides motivational encouragement and helps me see what I perceived as obstacles in my physical fitness as challenges which I've been able to overcome with his program. I'd highly recommended anyone who thought that exercise was not for them to give Kyle a won't regret it!"


"What impresses me most about training with Kyle is his dedication to the research and science behind fitness, as well as the care he takes in ensuring he designs just the right program for each individual. But what makes me really enjoy my training sessions with him is how encouraging he is, his enthusiasm, and how outgoing he is. I also truly appreciate his willingness to explain not just what I should do during my session, but why I’m doing it. 


My strength and overall fitness have improved so much by working with Kyle, and I feel much more confident when going to the gym and working out on my own.


"I highly recommend Kyle as a personal trainer & considering I was very anti exercise before starting with him that is saying a lot! I have worked with 4-5 personal trainers over the years but I never enjoyed it. Kyle is the BEST! He is supportive and truly listens and works to help you become your personal physical best. In six months, I have become more flexible, stronger and slimmer! I have done more squats & lunges (and even deadlifts) since I’ve met Kyle than I ever imagined and it has been fun!!! Call him today to begin your fitness journey!"


"Before training with Kyle, I was scared to try new workouts in the gym - you would only find me on the elliptical or treadmill! After receiving months of training from Kyle, I feel more comfortable trying new equipment and challenging myself with weights in the gym.


Kyle has taught me the correct form for different workouts and what parts of the body I am strengthening during each move. I have seen more progress than I have ever imagined physically and mentally. Kyle trains my sisters and me in a group setting every week and I can always count on it being a fun, informative, and motivating session.


Train with Kyle, it is definitely worth it!"


"My sisters and I started training with Kyle a few months ago and have learned so much since then, including the proper way to use machines, nutrition tips, and the correct form for different exercises. Even though we work out in a group setting, Kyle does a great job focusing on each of us individually and giving each of us tips to better improve our workouts. He also loves to explain the science and data behind each workout and nutrition plan. He is knowledgeable and motivates you to push yourself harder with each workout!"


"I never really enjoyed working out or thought it would ever become something I could look forward to throughout my day. After spending the last couple of months working out with Kyle, It has changed my whole mentality on fitness. I lacked motivation and strength to even do a wall sit for 20 seconds. In just a few months, I am able to surpass my beginning stats by a huge majority. I feel healthier, stronger and happier.

I would suggest Kyle to anyone no matter what level of fitness you are on. He adjusts workouts to you and your capabilities, he doesn’t use the same plan for every client. Thanks again, Kyle!"


"In 2019, getting ready to train for USAT Nationals, I finally decided to give it a go and make it a scheduled weekly workout with Kyle. After several weeks I noticed that I felt stronger and more balanced. In training, I felt I had more power when pushing off on the run. Gradually my run times improved a bit. I felt I had more power in my cycling pedal stroke & I was definitely more balanced & had more control on the bike. Several months into my strength training, my swim times started to improve most like due to a stronger upper body & core. I always looked forward to my sessions with Kyle. He provided a lot of versatility in my program and pushed me to challenge my self."


David & Linda 

Enter Kyle Anderson of Anderson Sport and Fitness. This guy changed our lives. My wife and I NEVER felt better about ourselves since we’ve been training with Kyle. We started with Kyle twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings since July 2020 and we can’t tell you how much we both look forward waking up to train with him. He challenges us from start to stop! He knows how to get the best out of me and my wife. He is truly inspirational, motivational, and educational and what I mean about educational is that Kyle educates us on proper form and proper technique. Kyle makes sure you’re not just going through the motions, he explains to you what muscles are being used and how to use the “mind, muscle connection” when doing the exercise. It’s never the same exercises, Kyle puts thought into his training plan and we reap the benefits. My wife and I are especially fond of the “core” workouts, as again he educated us on how a lot comes from the core and having a strong core is key. We have a certain PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) now that we’ve been training with Kyle, we feed off his positive attitude and know that if it doesn’t challenge us it doesn’t change us. Kyle has not only helped us transform physically but has helped transform us mentally how we think about working out and striving to be and feel our best. Lastly, Kyle helps keep us accountable by reviewing our food by using MFP (MyFitnessPal). This gives us the accountability to him to let him know while we work hard training with him, we work hard eating the right balance of foods. He gives us weekly feedback on our nutrition. What else could you ask for; Kyle really is a great guy and an amazing trainer who will get you to where you want to be, not only physically but mentally. You will see and feel the difference not long after a few sessions with Kyle. Respectfully submitted, David and Linda D.