Need a Great Holiday Gift Idea? Give Personal Training!

Personal training might be the perfect holiday gift for the fitness fanatic in your life. Of course, you'd want to give this gift to a person who has expressed interest in fitness, NOT as a way of insulting a family member by saying they need to lose weight. Still, to the right person, this gift could win you serious points!

Here's how...

1) It's a Unique Experience, Not Just an Item.

You don't hear about too many people getting personal training as a gift, which makes it a very unique and cool gift. If your loved one is very fitness conscious or has talked about getting a trainer in the past, this could be your opportunity to show that you are a good listener. Anybody can just buy jewelry or an item from Amazon, but that can be pretty boring. Jewelry, how original.....

2) The Benefits Extend Far Beyond the Holidays

Since personal training is at its core about achieving better health, the benefits of gifting this journey to somebody have exponential returns the longer they stay involved with it. Your loved one may achieve a lifelong goal, be healthier, or simply feel more confident in their own skin, and that all would have started with your simple holiday gift in 2020.

Even if they only pursue personal training for a short time, what they will learn can be used for a lifetime! Learning how to move your body well and preserve function is a big deal and even advanced exercisers can learn a lot from a professional.

3) It's Something You Can Do Together

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that you can experience together. In my experience, personal training is no different. I have learned a lot from training siblings, couples, and big families over the years. One of those things is that when you do things together, you tend to get closer. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is watching my clients who train together support and motivate each other. When things get hard they push each other and have each others' backs. It's a very cool thing to experience and is a great way to feel close with a friend or family member.

So if you've got somebody that you are stuck on this year and can't seem to figure out what to get them, consider personal training! Especially if you gift them our remote training programs, you've got nothing to lose. They get a free trial anyway and if they don't like it, you can keep a gift in your back pocket for them ;).

Cheers and happy holidays!

Kyle Anderson

ASF Owner and Head Training Elf

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