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Shopping List

Get a weekly shopping list to take the guesswork out of going to the store. 

Custom Plan

We tailor our meal plans to your exact needs and preferences. With app-based and PDF access, having your plan with you is easier than ever.

Weekly Review

Stay on track with our weekly check-ins where you'll receive valuable feedback on your progress. You are not in this alone! 

Nutrition Coaching for a Healthier You

The best personal trainer or exercise program in the world won't help you achieve the results you want if your nutrition is off. Some people struggle because they don't have an understanding of what proper nutrition looks like. Others struggle because they know what to do but just can't seem to execute it. For either situation, our nutrition coaching is perfect.

We've worked with both basic and advanced nutrition clients to help them achieve a variety of goals including weight loss, weight/muscle gain, ​improved sports performance, and avoidance of GI issues.

With ASF nutrition coaching, everything is taken care of for you. Every meal is planned out and you are provided with nutrient breakdowns for every meal. You even receive a weekly food list to make grocery shopping a breeze. With our app-based platform, it's easier than ever to have your meal plan and shopping list with you at all times and communicate with your coach whenever you have a question.

We accommodate any and all dietary restrcitions. No matter what your food needs/preferences are, we have a meal plan for you!

Plans & Pricing

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