Frequently asked questions

Does you offer set programs or individualized training?

All training options at ASF, including online coaching, are 100% customized for each client. No two people are exactly the same so no two people get coached exactly the same way. We base our exercise and nutrition prescriptions on the specific needs and abilities of each client, which we determine through consultations and assessments.

What makes ASF better than other weight loss services?

There are 2 things that make ASF training and nutrition coaching so awesome compared to other programs: 1) We offer customized plans with exceptional communication standards. This means not only will your program be optimized for you but if there are any issues with it, they will be addressed quickly. 2) We SIMPLIFY everything for you. Other programs may use fancy jargon and hip new slang to lure in new clients, but those programs rarely work for people because they are promoting fad diets, unproven techniques, and false information. It's easy to sell people a quick fix based on a lie. We would never do that here. We pride ourselves on prescribing only sustainable, evidence-based techniques that have a proven track record.

Do you force clients into long-term contracts?

Nope! We're morally against it and besides, our clients stick around by choice. The only contract we use is just to make sure we are on the same page regarding missing sessions and treating each other with respect. The vast majority of our clients use our monthly session memberships or online training membership. These services never have a contract and clients are free to cancel at any time without question.

Can I do both the online program AND in-person sessions?

Absolutely! In fact, many of our clients use this option. When clients opt for this 'hybrid training" format their in-person session rates apply in full but their online training rate drops to $99/mo.

Do all ASF clients get nutrition monitoring, or only those who purchase a meal plan?

All ASF clients have the option of receiving nutrition coaching in the form of weekly reviews. That said, reviews for clients who do NOT have a meal plan tend to be fairly basic and focused on the big picture rather than the small details. If you want no stone left unturned, then opt for the addition of a meal plan. If you are comfortable with the details but just want accountability, then the basic reviews are adequate for you.

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